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Advice handed to logistics workers ahead of busy summer

By: Richard Towey
24 April 2012

Those undertaking logistics work around London during the 2012 Olympics have been handed advice on how to go about their jobs over the busy period.

The information, provided by the Freight Transport Association (FTA), includes details on lorry restrictions set to be placed around the capital, as organisers look to limit the amount of traffic coming into London to ease congestion. These include the banning of certain routes for large vehicle drivers and limits for unloading. 

Maps and suggestions of other routes to use are also enclosed in the FTA Support Guide, along with pointers for company owners - the details making businesses aware of attempts by staff to take unauthorised absence and security precautions that come with the spotlight being firmly set on London. 

According to, organisers have spent £8.8 million on a campaign warning motorists of potential congestion over the summer, but while commuters can take public transport, lorry workers must weather the storm. Natalie Chapman, head of policy for the London area at FTA, told that the restrictions and changes made to certain routes will have a significant impact on those with driving jobs - calling on logistics workers to plan their journeys in advance.

"The Olympic torch relay sets off on 19 May and marks the first of a series of events that will have an impact on local roads and access to town and city centres, she said. 

Ms Chapman went on to say: "It is vital that commercial vehicle operators intending to deliver into London and other Games venues over the next three and a half months understand the restrictions and disruption that will be caused by the Games and plan around it." 

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