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  1. 31 May 2011 European body requests fuel pump prices investigation

    Category: Industry News

    Motorists might finally get some answers about the way fuel is priced in the UK, if a motoring bo... more...

  2. 27 May 2011 Logistics Summit itinerary announced

    Category: Industry News

    A selection of Europe's leading supply companies will be present for London's 121 Supply Chain Ex... more...

  3. 27 May 2011 Improved technology key to savings for logistics companies

    Category: Industry News

    Logistics companies should invest in new technology in order to achieve savings, a new study has ... more...

  4. 25 May 2011 Customer relations key to building a successful logistics brand

    Category: Industry News

    Transporting managers are being urged to consider including customer relations in their... more...

  5. 23 May 2011 Roadworks could disrupt drivers in Bournemouth

    Category: Industry News

    Logistics consultancy firms have ... more...