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  1. 21 March 2012 Hauliers give thumbs down to Cameron's road toll plan

    Category: Industry News

    Plans to introduce tolls on new roads have been heartily rejected by a leading Haulage execu... more...

  2. 20 March 2012 Increase in drivers running out of high-priced fuel

    Category: Industry News

    A report by the RAC has shown a 20 per cent rise in people calling the company to ... more...

  3. 16 March 2012 Fines for firms conducting unnecessary roadworks in London

    Category: Industry News

    Utility firms taking their time over road construction works will be made to pay in a bid to ince... more...

  4. 15 March 2012 Scotland hosts 'most unsafe' vehicles in UK

    Category: Industry News

    A recent survey of MOT failures in Scotland suggests that the country is home to more unroadworth... more...

  5. 14 March 2012 New rail terminal for Felixstowe to ease lorry pressure

    Category: Industry News

    A £40 million project to build a third rail terminal in Felixstowe plans to take 750,000 mor... more...