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  1. 18 February 2011 Fuel price at a record high, despite falling market costs

    Category: Industry News

    Despite a reduction in the European market's cost of fuel, prices at pumps in the UK have r... more...

  2. 14 February 2011 HGV manufacturers should play a part in efficiency initiative

    Category: Industry News

    The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) has called upon Britain's HGV manufacturers, academics a... more...

  3. 11 February 2011 Logistics workers should take advantage of offshore wind opportunities

    Category: Industry News

    Those working in logistics roles should take advantage of the opportunities presented by the offs... more...

  4. 08 February 2011 Potholes double in a month

    Category: Industry News

    The number of potholes has almost doubled since the severe cold weather struck in December.

    ... more...
  5. 04 February 2011 Waitrose furthers expansion in Milton Keynes

    Category: Industry News

    A new distribution centre for Waitrose's grocery operation has been secured in Milton ... more...