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  1. 20 May 2011 Sensors to be fitted in HGVs

    Category: Industry News

    The government is calling for blind spot sensors on HGVs to warn of cyclists, reports BBC New... more...

  2. 19 May 2011 Olympic Games could spark increase in night-time deliveries

    Category: Industry News

    The increase of night-time deliveries during the London Olympics could spark major changes i... more...

  3. 17 May 2011 UK road safety at all-time high

    Category: Industry News

    The UK's roads have become safer than ever, with the all-time lowest amount of road-deaths found ... more...

  4. 11 May 2011 New repair material could help road users

    Category: Industry News

    Scientists are attempting to develop a quick-setting road repair substance in a bid to cut disrup... more...

  5. 11 May 2011 On the spot fines to be issued to careless drivers

    Category: Industry News

    Reckless drivers could soon face on the spot fines under plans announced by the Department f... more...