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  1. 22 March 2013 Haulage rates trail inflation

    Category: Industry News

    According to the Road Haulage Association (RHA), whilst non-fuel operating costs increased by 2.5% in 2012, hauliers were only able to negotiate a miserly 0.2% increase with their customers. more...

  2. 20 March 2013 VOSA test defects upgrade

    Category: Industry News

    Some of VOSA's defects which are currently only advisory, will in future lead to test failure. more...

  3. 13 March 2013 Court ruling on 'not in cab' fatal accident

    Category: Industry News

    Court rules that you can be guilt of dangerous driving – even if weren't behind the wheel when the accident happened. more...

  4. 08 March 2013 £50m wasted to defrost cars in the UK

    Category: Industry News

    According to Direct Line Insurance motorists in the UK waste the equivalent of £50 million worth of fuel when they leave the car engine running to defrost their car. more...

  5. 28 January 2013 Taking the hump out

    Category: Industry News

    There could be more 20mph speed limits – and fewer traffic calming speed humps – on urban roads, if local authorities follow new guidelines and respond to feedback gathered in a major consultation exercise by the Department for Transport (DfT). more...