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£50m wasted to defrost cars in the UK

By: Kasia Baldwin
08 March 2013


According to Direct Line Insurance, motorists in the UK waste the equivalent of £50 million worth of fuel when they leave the car engine running to defrost their car.


With another cold snap predicted by the Met Office this weekend – the figures are quite startling. The fuel wasted is apparently equal to over 300 million road miles – 13,000 times around the world when travelling in an average sized car.


"With fuel prices having risen more than 40 pence per litre since 2007, it makes more sense than ever to consider alternative methods of defrosting your car on icy days," says Steve Price, head of Direct Line Car Insurance.


The study found that the average driver leaves their car running for only 3 minutes to warm it up but around 5% leave their car engine running for around 10 minutes.


With car theft in the UK still an ongoing problem it comes as a surprise that 42% of those surveyed admit to leaving their cars unattended with the keys left in the ignition.


Price adds: "It is really important that drivers never leave their cars unattended with the keys in the ignition under any circumstances, but particularly when defrosting their cars.

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