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Franchising is back "in vogue", claims expert

By: Ashley Curtis
05 April 2012

Franchising enables workers to claw their way "out of the ruins of economic uncertainty".

That's according to retail sector expert Steve Hemsley, writing for HR Magazine, who believes that franchising is back in vogue due to the way it can offer jobs to those with the inclination to make it as an entrepreneur.

Working under the "umbrella" of a well-known brand is increasingly becoming a "popular route" for people wanting to be their own boss, writes Hemsley.

Furthermore, for businesses looking to expand, it can also be a cost-effective way to expand their reach and increase the number of business franchise opportunities in the UK.

However, not just any firm can make their business a franchise. suggests that would-be owners need to inventory their business skills and sharpen them before attempting to franchise a business.

Roy Seaman, MD of Franchise Development Services, commented on the overall flourishing of the sector: "This is a wake-up call for the Government to make the most of opportunities that franchising can do to help the UK economy nationally and internationally.

"There are 20 MPs who are supporters of the method of starting a business by owning a franchise, as well as encouraging owners of successful businesses to expand by franchising," he added.

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