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Younger entrepreneurs attracted to the best franchise opportunities

By: Laura Nineham
13 October 2010

The age of entrepreneurs looking for the best franchise opportunities is getting younger, as shown by the age of people attending the National Franchise Exhibition.

That's according to Select Your Franchise, which claims "the age of those attending is dropping year by year, with a definable difference this time round.''

"Having spoken to many people between twenty and thirty years of age, it confirms that the younger entrepreneur is no different in researching the potential offered by franchising than anybody else," writes the director of an estates franchising company.

In fact, Select Your Franchise believes that it's the higher success rate presented by the best franchise opportunities that has the younger people interested. Furthermore, a scheme which will be revealed next month, is expected to support and promote the franchising industry.

According to Business Link, franchising is based on a proven idea, which gives an entrepreneur an idea of how successful they have been. This, combined with the fact that a recognised brand name and trademarks allow an entrepreneur to benefit from an already established reputation, and the fact that the franchiser usually supports the new business, boosts the success rate of the scheme.

Furthermore, the chance to start your own business and be your own boss often persuades many entrepreneurs that franchising is the better option for them.

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