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Unemployment could be solved by franchises

By: Deborah Bates
14 April 2011

The government could help tackle unemployment within the UK by asking more people: "Why not start your own business?"

That's according to Peter Brooks, a welfare and recruitment expert cited on

He told the recruitment publication how encouraging more Brits to become self-employed could be a great way in which to get more people into work.

Confirming his views, Brooks claimed: "A key part of the UK's future economic recovery is in small businesses, and turning towards enterprise is becoming a more attractive prospect for many job seekers, as the number of people competing for each vacancy increases."

He went on to say that this competition would "most likely continue to increase."

It is Brooks' opinion that self-employment could be a really useful option for many, which may encourage more Brits to research the myriad of business franchise opportunities on offer.

The expert argued that benefits such as flexibility and being able to work around family responsibilities were all perks of investing in a small business, according to The Recruiter.

Furthermore, if increased numbers of Brits decided to start their own business, this could in turn create millions more job opportunities for other unemployed people - particularly younger ones - something which would be very welcome in the current economy.

Recruitment insider, Carmen Watson, agreed with this, stating: "It is important that these young people end up with long-term, sustainable employment."

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