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Transport to East and South of EU to become "easier"

By: Chris Taylor
11 July 2011

Transport connections to the East and South of the EU could become smoother for those with driving jobs following the publication of the Neighbourhood Transport Action Plan.

An official statement by the European Commission at reveals that the plan proposes more than 20 concrete measures to make transport connections smoother, safer and more reliable.

At the same time, it will deepen market integration to the advantage of both the EU and its neighbouring regions.

Logistics Manager cites vice president Siim Kallas, responsible for transport, who explained: "Freedom of movement is something we all tend to take for granted in Europe, but it shouldn't stop at the border.

"Today if we are serious about a relationship with our neighbours we need to provide the infrastructure which is essential for flows of goods and people across borders and cut away the bureaucracy and bottlenecks."

Commissioner Stefan Füle, commissioner for enlargement and European neighbourhood policy, agrees; adding that the action plan will work for the benefit of citizens and companies both in the neighbourhood and in Europe.

Several key measures cited for connecting the transport systems of the EU and its neighbours included: "Extending the EU's internal aviation market and Single European Sky to neighbouring regions; joining up the Trans-European Transport Network with infrastructure of the EU's neighbours through priority transport projects; and making better use of rail freight potential by opening markets and by alleviating technical barriers such as differences in rail gauge sizes."

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