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'The Apprentice' winner to start own business

By: Joe Elvin
06 May 2011

The winner of 'The Apprentice' will this year be given £250,000 towards starting their own company, according to BBC News.

The BBC's popular entrepreneurial competition previously offered contestants the opportunity to work for Sir Alan Sugar.

However, Lord Sugar, who will involve himself in the winner's choice of brand, has said that the seventh series aims to teach viewers how to start their own business.

Speaking to, he said: "We have got to stop all this moaning about banks not lending money. I wanted to show the general public that you can start a business from scratch and this moaning culture that I refer to is something that needs to be disbanded."

Sugar will put 16 budding entrepreneurs through their paces to prove they have the steel and business acumen needed to launch their own business from scratch.

Many people who want to be self-employed without the risks of starting their own brand decide often achieve success by investing in business franchise opportunities.

Those who may need a bit of a helping hand with their business often feel far more comfortable doing this as they can share knowledge and gain support from other franchisees or senior business professionals. 

Those thinking of starting their own franchise might want to consider watching the first episode of The Apprentice this Tuesday in order to get a taste of what life is like running a business, as well as consulting with a range of businesses to find their best opportunity. 

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