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Quit your job and buy a franchise, says expert

By: Ashley Curtis
14 July 2011

Unhappy workers are being urged to quit their job and buy into a successful franchise in order to "pursue a dream" of owning a successful business.

That's according to Tony Zoobi, an award winning multi-unit franchisee, speaking to

He asked "why not start your own business?" to those who are "sick of waiting in traffic jams at peak hour" and who want "a better work and life balance."

Owning a franchise allows the owner to become their own boss in an already successful company. Zoobi elaborates: "When you buy a franchise, you are buying an established concept that has proven to be successful in other locations. The ideas and processes of running the business have already been tried and tested."

Furthermore, the Globe and Mail cites a quote from another expert - Steve Leggett - who added that franchising is a top way to launch additional items of a business: "It's a quick and easy way to launch products."

In addition, brand-name awareness allows the owner to buy into an established customer base, thus eliminating the requirement of financial clout to promote the firm.

"Customers are usually more comfortable purchasing items from companies they know and trust," claims Zoobi. "They see your logo, they know your brand, they trust your brand, they buy your products and services."

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