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Offer sites ideal for franchisees

By: Deborah Bates
12 December 2011

Those who have already taken advantage of the UK's best franchise opportunities would do well to team up with local offer sites, according to expert Vesna Siljanovska.

Writing for the British Franchise Association's official publication,, Siljanovska explained why sites like LivingSocial and Groupon can prove useful for franchisees.

She revealed that by nature, franchisees rely on local business and what better way to capitalise on that than providing offers for this audience? Franchisees should also be promoting these offers via their social media pages, Siljanovska said - backed up by advice from management consultant David Clayton-Smith.

He revealed the other benefits of embracing social media too, stating on a publication: "The entry cost to social media is minimal, it's low risk and provides a real opportunity for nimble players to build their brands, create fan-bases, listen to and reach customers, find partners, distributors, recruit and rapidly target new markets both at home and abroad."

However, franchised brands must ensure their message and overall branding is kept consistent across all channels; meaning that franchisees may well wish to run their networking ideas past their original franchisor before proceeding.

In fact, some franchisers choose to train up their network before letting them loose on Facebook or Twitter, something which Kevin Brown (himself a franchisor) recommends. He advised: "Having franchisees embrace social media is a whole new area that requires training."

Relevant social media policies should be set up for all employees too, both for their own social media usage and those with access to the company's websites. Although setting policies has been labelled a "lack of trust" by some according to, they are crucial for protecting the franchised brand.

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