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Number of new UK businesses grows for first time in 18 months

By: Laura Nineham
14 October 2010

There has been a growth in the number of new business start-ups for the first time in 18 months, according to new research.

As reported by Startups News, there was a 13 per cent rise in the number of new businesses in the UK, which translated to an extra 4,400 more small businesses being set up between March and August than in the previous six months. In fact, over 39,000 companies have been launched in the last six months.

"The picture for start-up companies in the UK is optimistic and we should take this as a good sign that throughout the UK there is a lot of opportunity and entrepreneurial spirit despite the difficult economic climate," said Keith Jones, head of data strategy at Royal Mail.

The mix of new business comes from start-ups as well as UK franchising and has highlighted a turnaround in the market after an 18 month period which saw a steady decline in the number of companies being launched.

"It comes as no surprise to me that start-ups have begun to increase as, despite difficult market conditions, people are becoming increasingly creative and opportunistic and are taking the chance to create businesses that can help build the economy from the grass roots up," concluded former Dragon's Den entrepreneur Doug Richard.

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