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Millions could use second skills to invest in a franchise

By: Elizabeth Smythe
21 September 2011

A new report reveals that two thirds of adults possess excellent "second skills" that could be used to start up a new business, the Mail Online writes. 

A poll of 1,100 people commissioned by WorldSkills London found that over 16 million British adults have "hidden talents".

These could be used to start your own business, or to invest in an exciting franchising opportunity. 

One of the highlighted skills was car maintenance; cited by 1.7 million people as a skill they could use for a new business endeavour. This could help them if they wanted to invest in a driving franchise, for example.

The survey shows that some 300,000 enterprising adults are reportedly already using their second skills to earn in excess of £5,000 each year, while 28 per cent are bringing in a respectable £1,000. According to Management Today, 20 per cent of those with second skills claim they are earning money from them; while 40 per cent prefer to employ them on a hobby basis.

A third of talented respondents said they used them to help out friends and family; whereas a fifth admitted to purposely adding them to their CV to impress prospective employers.

More interestingly, 1.5 million people are apparently planning on a career change that will enable them to use their second skills and one million want to start a business with them.

The survey results demonstrate individuals' desires to use their skills, especially if they can profit from them.

WorldSkills chief executive, Aidan Jones, elaborated on the point: "The study shows how important skills are in shaping our world, with people all over the UK having acquired or studied for vocational skills they could use in the workplace or to start a new business.

"Developing practical skills can open up a range of new opportunities for people, young and old, both now and in the future."

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