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Logistics hub touted for new Croydon power plant

By: Chris Taylor
04 August 2011

Hundreds of national logistics recruitment opportunities could be created following the approval of a new gas power plant in Croydon.

The £600 million station, developed by global power generation firm InterGen, will not only bring 600 construction jobs to Essex, but it will also become an vital logistics hub.

As well as two combined cycle gas turbines, a new freight line will be built - giving way to over nine million square feet of space for manufacturing and distribution buildings.

The energy minister, Charles Hendry, says that the plant - based at the London Gateway Logistics Park and Port - will disperse its waste CO2 emissions around the UK. "This station will be built carbon capture ready, which means that eventually CO2 emissions from the plant could be captured and transported for storage offshore," he told Construction Enquirer.

Hendry, who will visit the proposed site later today, added that the new plant will "play a crucial part in the country's energy mix as we make a move towards a low carbon economy."

His comments come following the government's conclusion that older power stations may only have up to ten years life left in them. The 5.5GWs of power created by the new Croydon plant is able to produce enough electricity for up to seven million UK homes.

The plant will take approximately three years to build, says The Enquirer.

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