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Investing in a franchise is a proven way to make money work for you

By: Laura Nineham
31 December 2010

Investing in business franchise opportunities is a great way to put money to use that can earn much more than a savings account will.

That's according to an expert, who claims on Select Your Franchise that choosing to invest funds into a franchise increases the rate of success because it's based on a system that's already proven to generate profit.

Instead of starting a new business, business franchise opportunities present the investor with support and an already established brand that will help generate a return on the investment.

Obviously any kind of investing isn't without risk, but it's much more reduced with a franchise. In fact, according to figures from the Natwest Annual franchise surveys, nine in 10 franchise turn a profit, so it's no surprise it's an appealing option for people with capital that's sitting in a bank account and barely growing.

One option of investing in a franchise is to choose a management franchise, which allows the investor to pump funds into a business without dealing with the day-to-day operation of the business. This is done by recruiting staff to run the company, structured in a way that the investor can sit back and watch the profit grow in a viable business.

However, regardless of the type of franchise an investor chooses, they do require much more work than leaving money in a bank account. This means the work put in will be rewarded when the profits outshine the interest a savings account would attract.

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