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IFA launches small business toolkit

By: Deborah Bates
28 June 2011

The International Franchise Association (IFA) has launched a digital version of its small business lending toolkit, according to

According to, this toolkit will help franchise owners to create more jobs and improve their profits - by helping them get access to the money they need to either start their new business or continuing developing their existing one.

A spokesperson for the toolkit, IFA president Steve Caldeira, spoke out regarding his hopes for the launch. He claimed: "As the nation pursues economic recovery, existing franchise small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs have continued to struggle to access the capital necessary to open new establishments and create new jobs.

"This small business lending toolkit will help small businesses and lenders to better understand the lower-risk, structured model that franchising offers, as demonstrated by the industry's 40 per cent growth rate over the past decade."

Budding franchise owners and those who already manage one of the UK's business franchise opportunities will hopefully get lots of help from the toolkit. confirmed that it will provide useful videos, credit rating access and a presentation that explains the myriad benefits of the franchising model.

Caldeira concluded by praising all that franchising has to offer, stating: "Franchising could help close the job gap in the nation's recovery."

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