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Get your CPC now, says expert

By: Chris Taylor
06 June 2011

Those who are considering CPC training are urged to do so now before the syllabus changes, Road and Transport reports.

Karen Crispe, a training expert, says that the new driver training course beginning in early 2012 will incorporate both National and International qualifications making it imperative for drivers to take the course this year.

By doing so, hauliers can avoid lengthy re-take examinations should they fail any modules first time round.

Crispe explained: "Currently, there are three units that form National CPC and all have to be passed for an operator to achieve qualification - this system allows candidates who fail an individual unit to re-take the exam.

"However, after the 2011 December exam, if any units are still outstanding, operators will have to re-take all exams according to the new format."

The quarterly exam dates leave only the 9th September and 2nd December left for operators to successfully achieve the full National CPC, according to the expert also cited by The Woking Local.

"After this time," Crispe warns, "they will incur extra costs, and time, for re-sitting entire courses that have already been partially completed under the old syllabus."

For the current holders of National CPC licenses, there is no requirement to upgrade their qualification to an International standard as yet. There will be sufficient time provided in which to upgrade at a later date in the new year. After this time, only the new combined course will be available.

Full details about the new CPC qualification are being slowly released and new course times are not available at present.

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