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Franchising reduces "unknowns" of starting a business

By: Deborah Bates
01 August 2011

Buying into the best franchise opportunities can reduce "some of the unknowns" associated with starting a business, according to expert Cindy Hartin.

Writing for, she claimed that for potential entrepreneurs keen to start a business but confused as to where to start, franchising may well be the answer.

"Franchising is a way to go into business for yourself but not by yourself," Hartin said. Although it can "limit the amount of independence" owners have, it provides support and training that may not otherwise be available.

As such, potential businessmen and women need to "look for a franchise company that offers training and possible a mentor programme," Hartin suggested.

Thorough research is required before investing however, to ensure that it's the franchise for the individual and their needs.

"Research the franchise and the business model," the expert said. "If possible, talk with others who purchased the franchise to learn more about how the franchise works and how much support you receive from the franchise company.

"It will be absolutely necessary for you to determine the business's potential sales, expenses and profits, just like any other business model."

At the heart of it all however, it seems franchising is an intelligent way to go. In addition to all of Hartin's listed benefits, fellow franchising expert Scott Frith told that it can operate as a "significant catalyst" for further growing a business - making it a good long-term investment.


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