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Franchising offers a mix of "conformity and individuality"

By: Deborah Bates
15 June 2011

Business franchise opportunities offer a "crazy mixture of conformity and individuality", according to one franchising expert.

Speaking to The Franchise Magazine, Nigel Toplis claimed that this combination means franchisees get the benefits of both large, corporate firms and small businesses.

Toplis stated: "To be successful a franchise owner must comply with the franchise system and yet such compliances will enable them to achieve a level of self-fulfilment."

He went on to add: "The phrase 'in business for yourself, but not by yourself' really does capture the essence of franchising.

"If you simply opened your own business, you would be totally responsible for everything but in a franchise, the franchisor offers you experience, know-how, proven operation methods, marketing tools, sales training and technical guidance - as well as corporate identity, trademarks and the brand."

His thoughts were echoed by another franchising specialist on, which claimed that amongst the many benefits of investing in a franchise is that people are buying into a "business concept with a track record for success" and will obtain a "ready-made business."

When compared to the high chance personal start-up companies have of not doing very well, investing in franchises can be a very attractive option for budding entrepreneurs.

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