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Franchising is an excellent option for busy parents

By: Deborah Bates
17 December 2010

The myriad of UK franchise opportunities can be an excellent option for busy parents who need to bring a salary into the home and also need the freedom and flexibility that often doesn't come with nine-to-five full-time roles.

Marketing expert Nicola Parsons talks of the flexibility franchising offers parents - particularly when investing in franchises involving a product for children. "Child-based franchises are often popular with the working mum profile, because they offer flexibility. A lot of mums go into this sector because they need to have the 12 weeks of school holidays free to look after their children."

Franchise Magazine reports on Amanda O'Rourke, a mother from Horsham who wanted a hands-on role that allowed her to be her own boss. "I knew the time had come for me to move on and had reached a point in my career where I was working part-time after having children and that I was never going to make any serious money working for someone else."

"A management franchise seemed the perfect solution. My first four months were the hardest, learning the guidelines and recruiting staff, but since then it has been brilliant."

After investing in a cleaning firm, O'Rourke found it was the ideal way for her to make a substantial living, whilst being able to spend the amount of time with her husband and children that she wanted. She has expanded her own branch, employing 11 staff, operating four cleaning vehicles and greatly enjoys the mix of training, work and relaxation that franchising has provided her.

"I know help is just a phone call away and the franchise owners are encouraged to keep in touch. I can meet up for lunch with my friends when I want and in fact since I started, I haven't missed a school assembly," concludes O'Rourke.

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