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Franchising industry most underrated provider of vocational education

By: Joe Elvin
09 May 2011

A franchising academic has claimed the industry is the biggest provider of vocational education and training, but also the most underrated.  

However, Julia Camm of education research firm Corven, stated that the industry's dedication to vocational education is going largely unrecognised.

In an interview with, she called for leading figures within franchising to place more emphasis on official Vocational Education and Training (VET) schemes.

She said: "VET practices in franchising are predominantly informal, intuitive or ignored, resulting in significant variations in trainer, program content and assessment quality. This clearly indicates that the value of VET is neither completely understood nor harnessed."

"This is the time for the franchise sector to demonstrate its agility and commitment to education and training by ramping up its VET efforts to a level of best practice."

As well as allowing people to learn key skills which they can take into many other careers, UK franchise opportunities allow budding entrepreneurs to experience the financial and personal benefits of running their own business, with the added comfort of a business plan having already been drawn up.

Furthermore, a source from said that those who gain experience from running either their own original business or a franchise often become highly skilled at people management, customer service and accounting.

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