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Franchising can be an excellent way for youngsters to get into business

By: Deborah Bates
02 December 2010

It's an option not a lot of young people think about, but business franchise opportunities are a sensible and potentially lucrative option for people not looking to attend university, reports The Mirror.

Newbury-based Philip Edwards has been speaking to the paper about his franchise success, having recently bought into a hardware firm. "After weighing up all the pros and cons, I decided that I'd be gutted if I didn't go for it and give it a try," says Edwards, "My parents had reservations as I'm young, but they agreed I'd regret it if I didn't do it."

After four weeks of intensive training both in the UK and USA, Edwards was ready to begin working, and sold around £250 worth of equipment in his first day. "Because I'm young, I do come across the odd older [client] who questions my abilities,'' but admits this isn't a regular occurrence.

Edwards has had great success with the business, and confirmed it has improved his future business prospects "dramatically", and that he has "ample opportunities to develop the business."

In Franchise Magazine, another successful businessman, Gary Williams, speaks of how owning a franchise has changed his life; "I feel really independent and free, and that's an amazing feeling! The ability to take myself away from the politics and structure of a business is refreshing. I still have everything I had when I was an employee, yet still manage and enjoy running my own business, whilst also being able to choose the exact times I work."

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