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Ex-Army workers suit demands of UK franchising

By: Paul Smithson
18 November 2011

Individuals who have served in the Armed Forces tend to have the right personality traits to make a success of UK franchising opportunities, it has been claimed.

Joel Caws wrote on the Select Your Franchise Blog that the structured way in which such businesses work suits them down to the ground, since they will have got used to this "sense of order" during their time in the Army, Navy or Air Force.

He suggested that ex-Armed Forces personnel will also tend to be skilled in communicating effectively and accustomed to working hard, both of which are essential parts of doing well with a franchised name.

"In recent years, we have heard many franchisers reporting an increasing number of ex-servicemen and women who appear to be turning to franchising as a way to start up their own business," said Mr Caws.

Writing for Achieving Business Excellence, Shelley Sun noted that franchising agreements can very successful for both the franchiser and franchisee, with the latter often doing a lot to push forward the brand name in new areas.

Ms Sun pointed out that there is no reason why franchisees cannot supply ideas to the central hub of the company, since it is all about "shared success" and effective growth.

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