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Entrepreneurs should make the most of British opportunities

By: Deborah Bates
28 March 2011

Entrepreneurs need to "forget the recession" and make the most of British business opportunities, according to Sir Richard Branson.

The famed businessman was cited on News Pointer, and said that new start-ups would be crucial for Britain to recover, financially-speaking.

However Sir Branson did admit that times were tough for new businesses, remarking: "Frustratingly, for those looking for an easy answer or formula to securing entrepreneurial growth, there isn't one."

"To allow [start-up firms] to flourish, we must ensure we create an economy where it is easier for new companies and innovations to develop," the businessman told The Telegraph.

Entrepreneurs wishing to start a new business but who are concerned about all the worries that come with it should consider investigating the plethora of business franchise opportunities available.

They should be careful though, as Sir Branson added that only businesses with a "place in the market" would attract a strong customer base.

He went on to say that timing was also an important factor, claiming: "If I could start again, I would set up more businesses during recessions, when almost everything costs 50 per cent to 90 per cent less than during the good times."

Sir Branson concluded by saying that in order to success as an entrepreneur, the key was to search for "solutions, not excuses," and advised those with a keen business mind to get out there and make the most of 2011.


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