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Entrepreneurs should head to the British Franchise Exhibition

By: Deborah Bates
04 March 2011

Budding entrepreneurs looking to invest in UK franchise opportunities should head to the upcoming British & International Franchise Exhibition.

Many Brits have decided to take the government's advice and start their own business, but are unsure where to start. The upcoming event is not only offering support, guidance and information to budding businessmen and women - but free entry, too.

According to My Finances, the event is free to anyone who registers on an independent franchising website; however the diverse programme on offer at the exhibition makes the price tag worthwhile anyway.

It is thought the widespread seminars open to visitors - which include 'An introduction to Franchising' and 'High-level Investment Franchising' - will give an interesting insight into how the world of franchising and business start-ups works.

The event should help those ready to invest figure out which franchise is best for them, and through its Business Plan Clinic, can help the public understand the best way to kick-start their enterprise.

The British Franchise Association (BFA) has accredited the event; and its director general, Brian Smart, has revealed why he thinks franchising has become so popular in recent years.

Smart told Franchise Info that it was franchising's unique business structure that made it so attractive: "The combination of wider business support, training and economies of scale, with the determination, enterprise nature and local business focus makes franchise businesses a very robust offering."

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