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Developing UK franchises could seriously boost economy

By: Joe Elvin
26 January 2012

The development of the UK franchising industry could be crucial to boosting the economy, according to a new report.

An article in the latest issue of The Franchise Magazine has claimed that there are plenty of UK franchise opportunities available - which could help pull the country out of its economic crisis.

In response to the article, the managing director for Franchise Development Services, Professor Roy Seaman, called for the government to do more to promote the British franchising industry.

He told "This report acts as a wake up call for the UK Government to make the most of the opportunities that franchising can do to help the economy nationally and internationally."

Craig Cabot, who is a director of the Royal Bank of Scotland, claimed that those who already own a business could also benefit from expanding into a franchise - as long as they make the necessary preparations. 

In a recent interview with, he urged these business owners to ensure that they offered the right levels of support to those who were interested in buying into their franchise model.

He said: "Franchising can not only strengthen the brand and reach of a company, but it can also act a very good method of securing its future, but only if done well."

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