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Civil servants snapping up UK franchise opportunities

By: Laura Nineham
13 October 2010

A growing number of former civil servants are snapping up UK franchise opportunities as the public sector cuts force them to consider their future prospects.

That's according to The Telegraph, which profiled entrepreneur Andy Hunt. He took voluntary redundancy from the Department of Education and Skills five years ago and used his payout to buy a franchise in Eastbourne.

Mr Hunt told The Telegraph: "Franchises are an option for a public servant. The trouble with coming out of the civil service is that civil servants don't have a good reputation. People in the private sector think we have nothing to offer... But the franchise option gives people an opportunity."

"The beauty of the type of franchise I did was that head office did the initial set up but after that I had a lot of freedom... I would not have dreamt of getting into such a complicated industry without going into the franchise first. I have thoroughly enjoyed it. It's not like that all the time but it is a route that anybody coming out of the civil service could go down."

According to, many people are attracted to franchises because it reduces the risk of business failure. The website states that 7% of franchise owners fail within the first three years, compared with over 90% of new business start ups.

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