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CPC training costs may rise, SfL warns

By: Chris Taylor
22 July 2011

Logistics workers are being warned that the cost of a Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) could go through the roof in the wake of a mandatory training deadline.

By 2014, all professional drivers in the UK will be required to complete the essential CPC training and certification in order to remain on the road.

In light of this fast approaching deadline, the head of the Skills of Logistics (SfL) - the training body for the logistics sector - has warned that prices are likely to be inflated to capitalise on this industry demand.

In a report, Dr Mick Jackson, chief executive of the skills council says that there is a very real risk that 30 per cent of the workforce could be cut should they fail to make the deadline.

"My message to industry is that there is already a shortfall we need to make up," he stressed. "And when demand exceeds supply only one thing happens, the price goes up." explains that the initial CPC qualification must be achieved by new LGV (large goods vehicles) and PCV (passenger carrying vehicle) drivers along with their vocational license to enable them to use their license professionally.

This requires 35 hours of training every 5 years. Skills for Logistics estimates that around 400,000 drivers will need to obtain their CPC license before the deadline.

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