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APC to open £14 million hub

By: David Howells
26 October 2011

Courier firm APC Overnight has invested £14 million in a new hub in Cannock, reports.

Following on from recent growth forecasts, APC has secured permission for a new 128,000 square foot hub, a move thought to safeguard 300 driving jobs and create a further 120.

The site was originally transformed from an open caste mine in 2005 by Staffordshire County Council with the aim of making a business location to drive investment in the area. Provided the panning permission is granted, the site is scheduled to open by September 2012.

APC's look set to be in esteemed company at the new development, with Jaguar Land Rover and Amazon both choosing to locate to the area in recent months.

The new APC hub will be double the capacity of its older site in Essington and will be fitted with an Interoll cross-belt sortation system able to hold the firm's new EcoStream double decker trailers.

Speaking to of the move, APC chief Ivor Skinner explained: "The new hub is essential to APC's national operations and future development; it is a major investment made possible through the growth we are enjoying across the APC Network.

"With the high demand for our next day deliveries, we have outgrown our existing hub in Essington. The new site at Kingswood Lake will provide us with a well-designed, state-of-the-art and very efficient national base."

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