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  1. 28 October 2011 Oyster card takeover prompts franchising advice

    Category: Franchising

    Owners of successful franchises have been encouraged to consider targeting wider audiences in ord... more...

  2. 27 October 2011 Franchise owners should learn from all businesses

    Category: Franchising

    Those keen on franchising should speak to both successful and failing business owners, it has bee... more...

  3. 26 October 2011 APC to open £14 million hub

    Category: Franchising

    Courier firm APC Overnight has invested £14 million in a new hub in Cannock, logist... more...

  4. 24 October 2011 Government to release road-works data

    Category: Industry News

    Motorists will soon be able to see the exact location of roadworks and available car-parking spac... more...

  5. 21 October 2011 Knights of Old experiences further growth

    Category: Recruitment

    Fast-growing logistics firm Knights of Old has announced its expansion details, including a new w... more...