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  1. 04 March 2011 Cameron hints at change to fuel duty

    Category: Industry News

    David Cameron has made a commitment to sharing some of the benefits realised by the governm... more...

  2. 04 March 2011 Ocado struggling to cope with demand

    Category: Industry News

    Ocado could potentially boost its logis... more...

  3. 03 March 2011 BFA awards open for entry

    Category: Franchising

    The British Franchise Association (BFA) has opened the door for entries into its annual 'Franchi... more...

  4. 03 March 2011 Twice as many HGV vacancies available in February

    Category: Recruitment

    There were twice as many vacancies for HGV drivers available last February than there were in th... more...

  5. 01 March 2011 Hauliers need support from government to go green

    Category: Industry News

    Hauliers need support from the government to go green, according to the Freight Transport Associ... more...