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  1. 10 January 2011 Cameron urged to honour pre-election fair fuel price stabiliser pledge

    Category: Industry News

    David Cameron has been urged to honour his pledge to curb soaring fuel prices as the cost of pet... more...

  2. 07 January 2011 Drivers could face loss of earnings due to Royal Wedding

    Category: Industry News

    The Metropolitan Police are planning to shut roads throughout central London for up to thre... more...

  3. 07 January 2011 Increased tax on fuel could "obliterate" smaller haulage firms

    Category: Industry News

    Concerns have been expressed within the transport industry that the latest increase on fuel tax ... more...

  4. 07 January 2011 Waitrose expansion could create jobs in logistics

    Category: Recruitment

    High-end supermarket chain Waitrose has announced plans to create 3,000 new jobs this year, by e... more...

  5. 05 January 2011 UK manufacturing activity at sixteen year high

    Category: Industry News

    Manufacturing activity for December 2010 was at its highest since 1994, according to recently pu... more...