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  1. 21 July 2016 Engineers put a spanner in logistics works


    The Institute of Mechanical Engineers (iMechE) has set the proverbial cat amongst the pigeons with its recently published report, ‘UK Freight: In for the long haul’. more...

  2. 02 June 2016 Jam in Sandwich

    Category: Industry News

    Should truckers use only HGV specific sat navs? more...

  3. 02 June 2016 Fifty ways to lose your ‘O’ licence

    Category: Industry News

    Under European legislation, employees driving without a valid licence is one of the Most Serious Infringements (MSIs) operators can be convicted of, putting your ‘O’ licence at risk. more...

  4. 16 May 2016 Government looking into stowaway nightmare

    Category: Industry News

    As the number of immigrants smuggled into the UK grows, will this increase further over the summer? more...

  5. 06 May 2016 Vans hit peak

    Category: Industry news

    The onward march of online sales coupled with increasing business confidence has resulted in all time record number of vans on UK roads more...