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  1. 09 June 2011 BMW to inject £500m to ensure Mini production stays in the UK

    Category: Industry News

    BMW is to invest £500 million into UK car production over the next few years.

    The cas... more...

  2. 08 June 2011 New franchising opportunities appear "almost daily"

    Category: Franchising

    There are new franchising opportunities that appear "almost daily", according to Howard Bassuk, a... more...

  3. 07 June 2011 EU votes on pollution charges

    Category: Industry News

    Air and noise pollution from lorries look set to be the subject of a European Parliamentary debat... more...

  4. 06 June 2011 O-licenses carry restrictions that some aren't clear on

    Category: Training

    An expert has warned professional drivers to be aware of the restrictions associated with O-licen... more...

  5. 06 June 2011 Get your CPC now, says expert

    Category: Franchising

    Those who are considering CPC training are ... more...