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  1. 11 April 2011 MOT breaks for all vehicles in new proposal

    Category: Industry News

    The annual requirement for an MOT test could be changed, saving money for those involved in more...

  2. 08 April 2011 New fuel-saving device invented

    Category: Industry News

    An impressive new fuel-saving device has attracted the attention of a number of logistics firms.<... more...

  3. 08 April 2011 New transport plan for Portsmouth roads

    Category: Industry News

    Portsmouth City Council has set out a £20m transport plan in order to improve roads and tra... more...

  4. 04 April 2011 Logistics firm plunges £9.5 million into development

    Category: Industry News

    A logistics firm from Widnes near Liverpool is set to invest £9.5 million in isotanks. ore...

  5. 01 April 2011 Humber Port logistics park all clear

    Category: Recruitment

    A new port in the Humber is expected to boost more...