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  1. 08 December 2010 Liverpool is significantly short of drivers

    Category: Recruitment

    There is a shortage of skilled drivers in the Liverpool region, which has become so bad it'... more...

  2. 08 December 2010 DfT extends derogation of drivers hours rules

    Category: Industry News

    Rules restricting the amount driver hours and working times have been temporarily rela... more...

  3. 08 December 2010 More than half of firms struggle to fill HGV driving jobs

    Category: Recruitment

    Demand for candidates to fill driving jobs continues to rise as new figures confirm that many bu... more...

  4. 07 December 2010 Road Transport survey shows industry sentiment to Driver CPC training

    Category: Training

    One year after the introduction of Driver CPC<... more...

  5. 07 December 2010 SfL urges industry to take up funding for apprenticeships

    Category: Training

    The logistics industry has been urged to head off future more...