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  1. 23 March 2011 More logistics mergers and acquisitions, predicts KPMG

    Category: Recruitment

    Transport and logistics companies should expect more mergers and acquisitions (M&As) i... more...

  2. 18 March 2011 Logistics pioneer visits Grimsby

    Category: Industry News

    Logistics pioneer Sir Neville Bowman-Shaw paid a visit to Grimsby to promote the UK industry to ... more...

  3. 18 March 2011 Increasing amounts of unemployed turning to UK franchising opportunities

    Category: Franchising

    More and more unemployed Brits are finding success starting their own franchise, according ... more...

  4. 17 March 2011 Advanced coaching changes driver's attitudes

    Category: Industry News

    Industry experts says that motorists should brush up on their driving skills after they've passe... more...

  5. 16 March 2011 Students given chance to learn about logistics work

    Category: Recruitment

    Teenagers are getting the chance to learn more about more...