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  1. 10 October 2011 Green initiatives on the agenda for logistics firms

    Category: Industry News

    Logistics firms like FedEx, DHL and UPS have all been praised for their green approach to busines... more...

  2. 07 October 2011 New container terminal welcomed by logistics industry

    Category: Industry News

    The new Felixstowe South Terminal - which will be home to a new deepwater terminal - has been wel... more...

  3. 05 October 2011 Update sat nav's to avoid rage, drivers warned

    Category: Industry News

    More than half of all GPS users experience "sat-nav rage" during their journeys, a new repor... more...

  4. 04 October 2011 More focus on driver issues required, says ABD

    Category: Industry News

    The government should shift their focus away from its High Speed Rail (HSR) project and look... more...

  5. 03 October 2011 National speed limit could be increased to 80mph

    Category: Industry News

    Ministers are set to debate increasing the national speed limit to 80mph.

    Transport secret... more...