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Stuart B  - "The team at Driver Hire have certainly kept me busy"

Having been made redundant from my previous job, with all the usual stresses that entails, I contacted Driver Hire Shrewsbury & Telford about possible work, having spoken with both Ryan and Zoe, I was invited to go and meet the team.

I Was immediately put at ease by Neil, Heather and Sevee, we had a discussion about my driving experience, what I was looking for and wanted to do, they checked my documents and I completed the paperwork.

Having said I was looking for as much work as I am allowed, the team at Driver hire have certainly kept me busy, Thank you. A good variety of roles and clients and I hope I have represented Driver Hire as well and as much as they have kept me busy. Everything from booking confirmations to payments have run smoothly and efficiently, a pleasure to work with this team.

Sarah H - "Management are well organised and very supportive"

Having recently left the teaching profession to build my own home, I was looking for flexible working hours to fit around my lifestyle. I joined the Shrewsbury Driver Hire team and immediately felt welcomed and valued.

Management are well organised and very supportive and the team of  drivers, mainly semi-retired professionals, are friendly and helpful. The driving jobs are varied and have ranged from delivering fleets of vans to single individual cars. Working for Driver Hire, I have travelled all over the country and thoroughly enjoy the experience of delivering the vehicle and the return train journey.

Alex N - "I always feel part of a great team"

It’s a long time since I’ve enjoyed a job as much as working for Driver Hire. For a start, there’s the variety: delivering and collecting a whole range of different vehicles all over the country, together with the challenge and satisfaction of driving safely and effectively, checking and looking after each vehicle to ensure it reaches the customer in the best possible condition.

All of the Driver Hire crew are highly experienced, and share a tangible enthusiasm and thoroughly professional attitude to their driving and care of the vehicles, and in the highest standards in their contact with customers. And though driving means working as an individual a lot of the time, there are regular opportunities to meet and travel together, and the brilliant working relationships and camaraderie with the office and other driver colleagues mean that I always feel part of a great team.

Duncan W - "Well run and feels like a family"

I have worked with Driver Hire for over a year now and really enjoy working with the team. I always feel like I am valued and trusted and the company is well run and feels like a family. I have now travelled all around the UK in a huge variety of cars and vans ranging from Porsche & BMW to Ford Transit vans.

The delivery is conducted in a very professional & efficient way to suit the clients. Working for Driver Hire gives me the flexibility and choices that I want from my job and I still get the job satisfaction and enjoyment that I need from working with a great team whilst providing a professional service to the clients.

Phil S - "Great job for committed and diligent drivers"

I've worked for Driver Hire as a vehicle delivery driver for almost two years now. I've approached this as a part time job. For a driving enthusiast the experience with DH has been excellent. Driving anything from mini hatchbacks, vans, pickup trucks and performance cars. The office values all of their drivers and treat us all as part of the team. With a great customer base which includes a varied and comprehensive range of clients.

Rob P - "Varied and personally rewarding job"

When I opted for early retirement after a busy and quite stressful career in electronic engineering, I wanted something which afforded me not only the flexibility of choosing when I work, but also a varied and personally rewarding job. I thought driving would be the best option, but where to start, then bingo, I saw an advertisement for drivers at Drive Hire, and contacted the office.

With a minimum of fuss, I was hired and off on my first job the very next day. The job has proved to be a useful top-up to the pension pot and something I thoroughly enjoy doing. The Team in Shrewsbury know the business intimately and are always on hand to deal with any problems we may encounter.



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