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Plymouth Driver Hire HGV Training News update!


Good day to you and good news from us! We have finally established all the components required to take the steps towards offering you the full training scheme to obtain your HGV licence category C and C+E (old fashioned Class 1 and 2). We have partnered with Plymouth Credit Union to arrange finance (subject to acceptance and not too difficult to pass) and a local HGV Training company (Torpedo Training) who have an excellent pass rate and a rock-solid one-to-one training regime. We are also able to offer CPC courses and HIAB training at excellent rates.


The finance deal - a brief outline

We have made arrangements with Plymouth Credit Union (PCU) to offer the finance for the training on the following basis (full details available from Plymouth Credit Union) but the outline is as follows:-

Total Amount of loan: £1,525 repayable over 66 weeks/15 months repayable at £25 per week deducted directly from you wages.

Before the loan is made you are required to save £25 per week for 16 weeks (or up to £40 per week for 10 weeks) with PCU making a total of £400. You are then lent £1525 paid direct to the training company and continue paying PCU on a weekly basis. At the end of 12 months you will have repaid the £1525 and have £400 in your account. You would then be able to either close your account and take out your £400, or carry on paying into it and build up a savings pot or apply for a further advance to go towards your Class 1! However if you default you will forfeit the money saved (£400). You may save a larger amount every week if you would like to pay off the loan sooner.


The Training Company – Torpedo Training

Based in Ivybridge you will receive one to one training in their vehicles by instructors with years of experience and a high pass rate. They will organise your medical, theory test and hazard perception tests. Also, they will provide us with a final report on your training to highlight to potential employers your abilities and skills.

We hope that this is helpful to you but please do not hesitate to contact us in the office if you need further questions answered! Call Rupert NOW on 01752 842888 if you'd like to apply!


The HGV/LGV process (Passed driving test after January 1997):


Apply For CAT C Provisional Licence from DVLA                                   £FREE!

DVLA Medical (differs between doctors)                                                £60.00

Driver CPC Part 1a – Theory Test – Multiple Choice Questions        £26.00

Driver CPC Part 1b – Theory Test – Hazard Perception                      £11.00

Driver CPC Part 2 – Test - Case Studies                                                   £23.00

Driver CPC Part 3 – Practical Driving Test (CAT C)                                £115.00 (Included in Training Cost)

Torpedo – Part 4 Training                                                                          £240.00

Driver CPC Part 4 – Practical Demonstration Test                               £55.00

1 Week Driver Training with Torpedo Training                                    £1,110


Total Cost                                                                                                            £1,525.00



The HGV/LGV process (Passed driving test BEFORE January 1997):


Apply For CAT C Provisional Licence from DVLA                                   £FREE!

DVLA Medical (differs between doctors)                                                £60.00

Driver CPC with Driver Hire Plymouth (5 days)                                     £250  

1 Week Driver Training with Torpedo Training                                     £1,110

 Total Cost                                                                                                            £1,420.00


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