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Driver 10 Point Guarantee

Driver 10 Point Guarantee...

This is our unique commitment to the drivers wishing to work with us.

  1. We undertake to treat you fairly and with respect at all times.
  2. We will pay you by BACS straight into your bank account on the Friday, the week following the one that you worked. (To enable us to do this you will need to have returned your signed time sheet back to us by the Monday morning of the following week that you worked.)
  3. We will pay you holiday pay, based upon the number of shifts worked. You will start to accrue your holiday fund starting from the first day that you work with us.
  4. We will properly brief you each time that you are assigned with as much information as we can obtain from the client.
  5. We will always back you if you refuse to drive a customer’s un-roadworthy or illegal vehicle, or asked to break the tachograph laws.
  6. We will not expect you to do work that is beyond your capabilities, or that you are not fully confident in undertaking.
  7. If you arrive for work on time and the client turns you away, or you work a short day and it is not your fault, we guarantee to pay you a minimum of 4 hours at day rate. However, you must get a signature from the client to show that you turned up, and you must ensure that the office knows before you leave the clients premises. We would expect you to be available for the rest of the shift for alternative work.
  8. If you get into difficulties on a job you can always talk to a member of the office staff by ringing the office number, whatever the time of day or night.
  9. In the event of an accident or vehicle damage we will still pay you if you report it to us and complete the shift.  
  10.  When you have completed 15 shifts for Driver Hire Southampton and you introduce another driver who completes 15 shifts, we will pay you a bonus of £75.00.
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