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Licence Checking - The Law

Check your drivers' 
licences with
licence checking system in Gatwick

rganisations that require people working for them to drive as part of their work have a legal obligation to monitor their entitlement to drive and verify the validity of their driving licences.

Unfortunately, many organisations are misinformed and think that simply taking a photocopy of a licence is a sufficient check; however, this leaves companies exposed to a number of issues:

·         Fraud - Producing an old or fraudulent counterpart is more common than some may think. Unfortunately if the status of a driver’s licence could put their job at risk some people may be tempted to make dishonest declarations about their licence

·         No Electronic Audit Trail – The date of a licence check should to be electronically stamped to clearly evidence when it was undertaken and provide a robust audit trail

·         Human Error – A visual check of a licence leaves organisations exposed to human error, critical endorsements maybe missed, overlooked or misinterpreted

·         Wasted Time - Constantly chasing employees to produce their licence is a time consuming task. Having a system which automatically carries out the required checks will save time and therefore money

In addition to the issues outlined above the DVLA has announced that the paper counterpart is to be removed in 2015. This means that a visual check will no longer be possible.

It makes sense to review your current process and act now to put an easier, more effective process in place. Contact us today to find out more.

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