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Driver Hire Plymouth, Cornwall & South Devon are bringing back an old institution - DRIVER OF THE MONTH!
At the end of each month, starting February 2016, we will be awarding one of our drivers or other operatives with a £25 voucher for work "beyond the call of duty".
MARCH 2016 - This month's winner is MICHAEL SHERRATT. Mike has gone through some difficult times recently, but even so has put in a great performance over the last month, being praised and re-booked by three customers in a month. He is the sort of driver loved by our operations team - always happy to agree to a job, even if it's a long way from home, or awkward hours. Thank you, Mike, for all your hard work. We all really appreciate it!
FEBRUARY 2016 - Our First winner of 'Driver of the Month' is RYSZARD SZTABINSKI 
Ryszard, known by some as Richard, has worked exceptionally hard since coming to us. He is always extremely polite and helpful with all of our clients and staff members he meets and is currently in an ongoing contract as a Dangerous Goods Driver. Recently we received an email from a 'client of a client' stating how impressed they were with Ryszard, the email recieved is just below and shows why Ryszard was the deserving winner this month.
"We were fortunate to have Richard make our bulk order delivery to our home on Sunday 21st February and I have to say that Richard’s attention to detail and conduct far surpassed our expectations. From arrival on site to departure after delivery his actions were 'text book’ perfect, and whilst it is no more than we would hope to be the case, it was very comforting to find such a conscientious driver. What Richard did not know at the the time,though I did inform him later, was that I am a qualified Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser and also a Dept of Transport approved ADR trainer and I would happily have used Richard as a model example of correct procedure."
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