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North London Business Champions Fuel Efficient Driving

17 February 2009

Whether you’re running a small business or a major plc, keeping a close eye on costs is always important. Never more so than in the current economic climate. So when a company promises a potential £45,000 per annum in fuel savings you’ve got to sit up and take notice.


But that’s exactly what Simon Wise, owner of North London business, Driver Hire is promising. The company, which is based in Tottenham, North London has introduced a Fuel Efficient Driving training programme for all their Drivers. Totally unique, Simon trains all his drivers to be more fuel efficient and says “…the results have been amazing. Not only are we making real progress in reducing our carbon footprint but we are also giving our customers  a real way of saving money too…” Driver Hire’s own tests, conducted with the assistance of truck manufacturer, Mercedes Benz delivered an impressive 27% for an HGV and 18% for a van.


“This means that a fuel-efficient driver can be one of the most valuable resources a transport company can have,” Simon continues. “That’s the important message we want North London Business Owners to hear.” 

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