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Permanent Recruitment


We recognise that when it comes to recruitment, a ‘one size fits all’ approach simply doesn’t work. That’s why we offer a range of different permanent recruitment options, depending on the level of work that you want us to take off your hands.






Time invested before the recruitment process begins can save many ‘dead ends’. We can help you from the word go.


     Reviewing CVs 

If the role you’re filling is popular, you could receive dozens of CVs. Do you have the time to review them all?



It’s unusual for a job to be offered on the back of just one interview. Let us take care of the early stages for you.






Right place

Is it worth an ad in the local press or a trade journal? Which are the best internet job sites to use? We know where to go.


Right time

Do most people look for work during the week? Evenings? Weekends? Which are the peak days for job  hunting?


Well written

You need to sell your vacancy to attract the best people. The ad must look professional and the job appealing. Experience counts here.



An apparently innocent comment in a job ad – how many years’ experience, for example – could spell trouble. We’ll make sure any ads are legal.





Type of person for the job

This depends on the company but also the type of role, and who the new recruit will be working for. Don’t put an ‘ideas’ person into a monotonous role.


Skills required

We’ll help you work out and document, which skills are essential, and which are desirable before we start  looking.


Cultural fit

We’ll want to get to know you better, to ensure that we match the shortlisted candidates to the culture of your organisation.





Key criteria defined

To be sure of finding the right person for the job, it makes sense to work out exactly what you’re looking for in advance.


All people involved are aware of the details

Different people respond to others in different ways. That’s fine, but you also need a shared, rational basis for any assessment.



Legal obligations


Right to work in UK

You need to be sure that anyone you take on is legally entitled to work in this country. With dh Recruitment, you can make your selection with total confidence.


Data protection and discrimination

We’ll help you make sure everything you do is legal.



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