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Driver CPC - What's it all about?

CPC Course Dates CPC Modules Available Why Driver HIre

Driver Hire is one of the UK's leading providers of Driver CPC training, and with good reason

We have contunued to evolve our training offer over the past few years, but the key ingredients that have been popular with our customers remain in place.
  • Over 1000,000 driver training days delivered
  • 17 different courses now available
  • Training available throughout  the UK
  • Course satidfaction ratings of 93%*
  • High quality, engaging and useful training modules

Professional HGV DriverWho needs it?
All LGV drivers holding a category C, C1, C+E, or C1+E licence and driving 'for hire and reward' are required to have complted their Driver CPC and must carry a Driver Qualification Card (DQC) at all times when driving professionally. There are very few exemptions to this rule (search 'Driver CPC' at for more information

Driver CPC - Fuel Efficent Driving Course
Ongoing requirement
Whether the initial DQC was gained as part of the driver's initial licence acquisition or by attending Driver CPC training courses, Driver CPC is an ongoing requirement. It is mandated by EU law (Directive 2003/59) and is designed to improve the knowledge and skills of drivers, as well as enhancing safety on our roads.

What must a driver do?
Each DQC is valid for 5 years from date of issue. This means that - unlike the 2014 deadline set when Driver CPC was introduced - each driver's renewal date is unique to them.

All drivers must undertake 35 hours' periodic training  before the end of the 5 years following the issue date on their DQC. If the training is not undertaken during that time, they will not be permitted to drive professionally until they have completed their 35 hours.

Training must be undertaken in 7 hour blocks and the best way for any driver to meet their obligations is to spread their training over several years.
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