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AWR Seminar Feedback

12 September 2011

On the 8th September we held a seminar for local customers & agency users on the Agency Workers Regulations to assess how this may impact all parties after 1st October 2011.


Jeremy Neale, the Compliance Director for Driver Hire Nationwide, hosted the seminar and the main speaker was Ron Drake, from employment law specialists Cobbets.


Ron has over 20 years experience as an employment lawyer and, having worked with Driver Hire since the late 1980’s, he knows employment law and the temporary employment sector inside out.


Also, Ron is a part time employment judge, sitting on tribunals in the Newcastle area – so there’s not many people better qualified to help us with the new Regulations.


Throughout his session, Ron was also able to expose some of the myths that have appeared around AWR and stuck to the facts, meaning everyone was fully briefed on relevant aspects of the Regulations, not some of the nonsense thats been talked about. 


Following this, Pete Lawford, National Accounts Director showed how he had worked  with major customers to reduce the impact the AWR would have on their business, each case illustrated that by working together the Regs were not a major issue.


The end of the seminar involved a Q&A session, whereby anyone could question the speakers, this resulted in real life scenarios being discussed and clarified by the panel of experts.


All in all it was a really enjoyable & informative day, indeed further below is a small sample of the feedback we received from some of the attendees. .


If you would like to know how the AWR could affect you or your business, please get in touch with Driver Hire Grangemouth and we’ll endeavor to assist.



“The AWR seminar was very informative and certainly a worthwhile exercise for me and my business. I was impressed with all aspects of it’s delivery and it went a long way to outline exactly what is required come 1st October and, more mportantly, 24th December.


It is clear to me that Driver Hire is ahead of the game and competiton when it comes to AWR.  The knowledge, systems and people involved give me full faith for the road ahead.




 “The AWR seminar on the 8th was fantastic. The 3 main speakers were excellent in taking us through the regulations in fine detail, but they also communicated in layman’s terms the real impact each point would have on an agency user. 


 Attending this put my mind at rest regarding my responsibilities but also in the instances when my business will be impacted, I know that Driver Hire will be managing my supply as per the regs.”



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